luni, 1 martie 2010

Why Corsica

Amazingly enough, my interest for Corsica started to grow since I read this line in "The world according to Clarkson" on the tube (the book belonged to the guy sitting next to me): Best place to go on holiday: Corsica. I do have a kind of conideration for Jeremy Clarkson's statements.
And when I found out that only 4% of Britons know where Corsica is.
Well...and the photos...and the 4h ferry crossing from Italy...and the excitment of hitting the villages and sandy beaches of this marvellous location where the oficial language is French and the population of the island is 302 000 (that's 40 times less than London's population, thank God!!). All this after my long-expected holiday in Tuscany in July.

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